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Marty Record


1124 South 2nd St, Raton, New Mexico 87740

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    Record Ace Hardware in Raton, NM is inviting civil litigation and negative social media attention. Record’s Ace Hardware store staff profiles customers through application of arbitrary, unreasonable and inconsistent discriminatory practices, which are implemented with the goal of refusing service to potential customers. It has been my personal, and my contractor/employee’s experiences, that the store owners, managers and employees in general will ignore, harass, refuse service, or call the police.

    I further believe that I have been treated differently because, by my observations, I am “not their friend”, I don’t “look like them”, or I am “new” or “not from around here”.

    Unfortunately, Ace Hardware’s “national 800” Customer Service staff has done nothing to address or correct these problems or practices, which can only serve to damage Ace’s heretofore good reputation as “helpful hardware folks”. All people of good conscience should demand that Ace treat all customers equally, with respect and dignity befitting its espoused, but poorly implemented, principles. Or, better yet, take your money away from them and shop somewhere else!

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SIC code: 5251
NAICS number: 444130
Count employees: 1 - 4
Sales volumes: $2,500,000 - $5,000,000
Contact: Owner Marty Record

Records Ace Hardware is located in Raton, state New Mexico. Zip code is 87740. We provide services not only in Raton. You can clarify details by phone 5754458211. You can visit our website and check opening hours, payment methods, etc. Join to our social media pages: facebook, Linkedin, twitter. Our specialty: Shopping & stores, Hardware stores, Be sure we do best to help you. If you have an personal experience with us please write a review. If you are the practice manager or owner and wish to update this listing then please click the button "send changes" and you will be redirected to your management dashboard to amend the required details.

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